For 10 years she sat here, open to the elements and becoming less and less with each year that passed. Like so many cars in this Minnesota scrap yard the chance of restoration is pretty slim and nature is taking it back. But not this one! Here at Tuxford Fabrications this old girl will be stripped back to the bare chassis rails they way she began life over 60 years ago, a full nut and bolt rebuild will follow.

Using the best parts available myself and the owner Richard Walker will assemble and fabricate all parts of the build here at our Tuxford base workshop until its fully restored and Race/Rally prepared to compete in the most gruelling 10,000 mile off road rally event in the world Peking to Paris

A few from soon after it arrived at Tuxford Fabrication Solutions on the 7th August 2020, Let the fun begin.

wDown to the chassis rails which in all fairness are in very good shape in comparison to the shell.

  As I'm stripping everything back Richard will be researching and buying parts, visting the shop several times a day baring gifts. 

We would offer parts up decide if we could make it work and how it would work. sometimes we would agree and sometimes not but we always got there in the end.

The body started to come together using some of the panels sent with the car from the US, but most were cut, pressed, rolled and fabricated in house and with light weight in mind always.

wWith the fully built straight six sat in its new fabricated mounts, the chassis braces and mounts were installed.

A custom full exhaust system was fabricated and mounted whilst the body went for priming and painting

6th jan 2021

wWith the shell remounted a custom cage fabricated and installed, fuel cell fitted and lots of tweaking and adjustments to make every work as it should 

Upto the 21/01/2021

Trail fit of the hood to check panel alignment and grill position